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Behind The Scenes



Likened vocally to Chrissie Hynde, Stevie Nicks, and Margo Timmons, singer/songwriter Joanie Nerrettig fronts the 4 piece Shreveport, Louisiana Indie Rock band, The Joanitones.  

Touching on Americana, jazz, blues, traditional, folk, reggae, and rock, The Joanitones deliver ‘distinctly  theirs’ vibes via the smooth guitar, both electric and lap steel, from guitarist extraordinaire, Kyle Martin.  Bassist Steve Benton easily finds multi melody, harmonic riffs, and drummer Kenneth Brackeen keeps everyone together.  The Joanitones play loved covers, accept requests, and aim to please the party or crowd, wherever they may be playing.




Kenneth is a life long musician.  His love for instruments undoubtedly came from his parents.  His mom was a classical pianist, and his father played guitar with neighborhood jams, teaching young Kenneth along the way.  In 7th grade Kenneth picked up the drums after playing cello for 2 years in grade school.  Recently married, Kenneth is also an award winning drummer and has spent the majority of his professional career in East Texas.  One of Kenneth’s favorite actors of all time is Yul Brenner, on whom Kenneth has fashioned his look.


Steve, the quiet one in the band, also serves as the sergeant of arms, keeping rehearsals focused, and motivating.  Steve had the privilege of playing in the  house band at James Burton’s Rock and Roll Cafe in Shreveport. Waylon Jennings, Jerry Lee Lewis, LIttle Jimmy Dickens,  Toots Maytall, and the Neville Brothers have all shared a stage with Steve, who has an arsenal of basses including a 1942 Upright Gretsch Tone King.  Steve is a dog person, but doesn’t allow his dog on his bed or sofa.  “Dogs are made to be dogs”, says Stevo.


Kyle is a third generation musician.  He likes playing guitar, any guitar.  A chicken farmer, Kyle also shares a beautiful white Labrador named Theo with his wife, Sam, and their newborn daughter, Iris Ruth.


Joanie wrote her first song shortly after buying her first guitar in a pawn shop in Shreveport at the age of 17.  Joanie likes to perform, travel, and collect cool jewelry. Her favorite bird is a pelican.

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